Leading and Managing Change

Cultivating Team 'Change-Ability'



In his best-selling book, Leading Change, change-management expert John P. Kotter says, "The rate of change in today’s society is not going to slow down anytime soon."  Given this reality, what can participants do to increase their effectiveness at managing the changes dictated from above, initiated from within or thrust upon them from outside the organization? 

In this course, participants will customize actionable best practices that will arm them with the tools needed to accelerate employee acceptance by effectively dealing with employee resistance.  Additionally, they will better understand how to successfully manage any type of change initiative with greater skill, courage and confidence.


Participants Will Learn:

A critical approach for identifying and dealing with employees who are initially resistant to change.
The best way to help employees to confidently embrace changes once they occur.
The advantages and disadvantages of different change-management styles.
Communication and behavioral do's and don'ts during the change management process.
How to identify and answer the "how," "what" and "why" of change.
Three types of common work-related changes that affect all of us, and the best strategies for dealing with them.
Four ways people handle change – three ways, and the change-ability way.
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