Coaching and Counseling

Inspiring Team Members to Engage in Continuous Improvement


We all know that any team's performance is only as solid as its weakest link. By turning around marginal and problem employees who are not performing at an optimal level, the team's full strength can soar - along with the improved attitude and contributions of these newly reinvigorated performers.

In this highly interactive course, participants will learn how to bring about positive change in employees - without incurring resentment, making enemies or destroying relationships.


Participants Will Learn:

The emotional and psychological roots to poor performance.
How to determine if you are unconsciously triggering the poor performance.
Four critical factors that foster a favorable work environment in which performance improvement can take place.
How to leverage the principles of expectation theory to bring about a change in the employee's future performance.
How to leverage the strategy of two week execution blocks to turn around underperformance.
How to successfully deal with employees who attempt to change the subject through guilt, anger, denial and other classic “fogging” techniques.
How to use the communication matching strategy to secure employee buy-in for corrective action, while minimizing mistrust and misunderstandings.
How to successfully implement the proactive accountability strategy.
How to determine if an employee’s performance problem is due to motivation, skill or a poor fit.
Three ways to minimize resentment during the counseling session.
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