Conflict Resolution

Resolving Conflict Without Diminishing Relationships


How much more effective would your employees be if they could do a better job managing conflict? What would lowering their level of stress mean to their overall job performance and office morale? In this powerful course, participants will customize practical strategies for resolving conflict with others, in a way that strengthens - rather than hurts - relationships.


Participants Will Learn:

How to leverage the communication matching strategy to minimize conflict from happening in the first place, and manage it better once it does occur.
A three-step process to quickly pinpoint the real issue(s) behind the conflict.
How to understand and manage the “escalation scale” to minimize disagreements.
Powerful strategies for gaining control in the crucial first minutes of a crisis.
How to use a critical strategy to remain calm under even the most extreme pressure.
How to avoid three behaviors that can kill any potential resolution.
The behavioral approaches that have a predisposition for conflict.
Specific ways to avoid the self-fulfilling prophecy and lessen the chance of conflict happening in the first place.
Six powerful methods for dealing with conflict that minimize wasted time and unnecessary stress.
How to respond instead of react when the heat begins to rise.
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