Business Consulting

In a business environment characterized by great uncertainty, volatility and rapid change, agility is even more essential than ever to an organization’s short- and long-term viability.

Skill Track provides consulting services that help clients to secure that evasive link between strategy and results across a broad range of issues – including organizational design, human resources management, change management, and knowledge management.

Whether your team is part of an organization or the organization itself, our business consulting services can help you make change permanent in two key performance areas:

Strategic Planning and Execution

Strategic planning has lost considerable credibility within many organizations as a driver of performance, morale and retention. The strategic planning process became irrelevant for many because it didn’t extend to all levels.

Even worse, more often than not, the document was static – little more than a dust-collector that rarely resembled its intended operational role in the day-to-day life of the organization’s employees. By engaging the entire team, and leveraging the strategy of two-week execution blocks, we will help your team revitalize the strategic planning process to reach performance levels that will impress internal and external stakeholders alike.

Performance Management

Few would dispute the inherent truth in what has become almost a cliché in management – “Your people are your most valuable asset.” But do your organization’s words match its actions? More to the point, does your performance management system actually incentivize and encourage your managers to coach and motivate employees to actively engage in ongoing staff professional development and growth?

With this paradigm-shifting consulting service, your performance management system will be retrofitted so that employees are held accountable and rewarded for taking a continuous leadership role with their own professional development. Just as important, system upgrades will ensure that your managers are evaluated and rewarded for making this part of the organization’s culture. We call this “Performance Management 2.0” – the next generation of human capital investment. By significantly strengthening your current performance management system, you will ensure that the value of your most important asset truly is an investment that grows considerably over time.

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