Effective Meetings and Presentations

How to Make an Impression that Makes a Difference


Giving presentations often is one of the most dreaded - yet potentially important - tasks that some of your employees face on an ongoing basis. And meetings can be a huge time waster and resource drain for any organization. Could your employees use assistance in strengthening both of these critical skills?

In this practical course, participants will learn key strategies to become more effective with meeting management, and in the delivery and impact of their presentations, ensuring that their message is both polished and convincing. 


Participants Will Learn:· 

How to customize the communication matching strategy to strengthen meeting and presentation performance.
Specific strategies for effective meeting preparation and management.
Specific strategies for handling difficult people and challenging questions.
Four specific strategies to manage presentation nervousness.
Key strategies for strengthening visual, vocal and verbal impact.
The number-one meeting time-waster and how to avoid it.
The importance of managing time-points throughout a meeting to keep people focused.
When a lot of detail can hurt the communication process – and when it can help.
How to create notes using key words and phrases.
The most effective way to prepare for a presentation to maximize delivery.
How to deal effectively with the unexpected during a presentation.
Specific strategies for effective presentation preparation.
The number-one presentation mistake and how to avoid it.
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