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Driving Results Without Driving Your Team Crazy



The Gallup organization reported that an eye-opening 70% of U.S. workers do NOT feel engaged at work.  With this in mind, what can your managers do to motivate their top-performing employees to continue to be engaged?  How do they confidently delegate to underperformers in a way that transforms how they perform in the future?  And how do they inspire their high-potential employees to get to the next level? 

In this course, participants will customize specific strategies around 4 key performance-management principles.  These principles are designed to motivate and inspire employees to be both responsible and accountable for actively taking the leadership role in doing their job.


Participants Will Learn:

Best practices for successfully handling even the toughest personalities on their team.
The secrets behind building greater trust, loyalty and commitment with their staff.  
Proven ways to handle employee resistance, excuses, and pushback with more confidence and ease.
How to take control of their toughest performance and conduct problems.  
Best practices for driving continued engagement and improved results.
Strategies for resetting the clock by addressing previously unaddressed behavior.
The best ways to overcome the fear of holding underperforming employees accountable.
Powerful techniques for empowering their employees to be more innovative and creative.
How to manage seemingly unmanageable employees with greater confidence.
Tips and techniques for instilling professionalism, responsibility and initiative in even their toughest employees.
Keys to stopping unacceptable behavior – swiftly and fairly.
Principles behind tapping into the untapped potential of their best employees.
Strategies for engaging the disengaged, and re-igniting the fire in poor performers.
How to spark passion in their best employees (even when the employee feels burnt out).
Secrets behind building an accountable team that delivers stronger results.
Proven ways to give feedback that increases performance & accountability.

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