Exceptional Customer Service

When 'Wow' Becomes the Rule


Is excellent customer service an important part of your operational strategy? When it comes to handling internal and/or external customers, could your organization benefit from a tune-up?

In this practical course, participants will customize best practices that will help them to deliver great customer service more often - resulting in better service to customers and greater success to the organization. 


Participants Will Learn:· 

How to pinpoint/resolve operational bottlenecks in your existing customer service system.
Why the communication matching strategy is so critical for delivering exceptional customer service.
The secret behind giving great customer service when you're not in the "mood."
How to spot when you unknowingly deliver lousy customer service.
The relationship between delivering great customer service and operational excellence.
Key phrases that instantly turn customers off - and how to avoid them.
A two-step process for managing long-winded customers.
When a lot of detail can hurt the communication process – and when it can help.
Two specific strategies they can use to manage their attitude, even when it's gone south.
Why attitude is everything - and how to hide a bad attitude from a customer and still deliver great service.
The essential key to effectively dealing with angry customers.
The secret behind saying “no” and still giving great service.
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