Getting and Staying More Organized

Practical Strategies for Becoming More Productive



It's probably happened to many of your employees. They organize their desk on a Monday only to find that it is disorganized by Wednesday. What would happen to productivity and effectiveness if more employees could get organized and stay that way? How much more control would they have over their day?

In this practical workshop, participants will learn the secrets behind organization and space management that lead to a more creative and stress-free work and home environment.


Participants Will Learn:

A can’t fail 2-step process for getting and staying organized.
2 critical pieces needed for any successful organizational system.
The main reason most paper systems fail to keep someone organized.
How to set up an effective email filing system.
Which areas are causing the most frustration, worry or stress in their personal and/or professional lives.
Best times - and worst times - to check email and voice mail messages.
A step-by-step process for setting up a filing system for handling paper later.
2 criteria for deciding whether to handle paper now or later.
4 powerful steps to de-clutter even the messiest work environment.
2 questions that decide the fate of all incoming paper.
3 main causes behind almost all disorganization.
How to create space when there doesn’t seem to be enough.
How a simple survey can reduce organization time and frustration.
How the “general to specific” rule will finally get your files organized.
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