Project Management

Delivering Results On Time and Within Budget



Imagine the impact on overall organizational performance if the number of projects that are completed on time, on target and on budget were to increase by 30 percent! What would that mean to your organization, your employees and your clients? In this practical course, participants will learn real-world strategies to increase project efficiency, significantly reduce misunderstandings with project owners, customers and others - and gain greater confidence handling problems as they arise during the life of the project.


Participants Will Learn:· 

How to manage the people side of project management for stronger project management results.
The triple constraints of successful project management.
How to use the continuous-loop process to identify and solve problems sooner.
A practical timemanagement tool for identifying the scope of every project.
Three fundamental ingredients needed for every project plan.
The importance of a risk assessment during the project-planning process.
A realistic formula for estimating task time.
Two key ingredients essential to project scheduling and resource allocation.
Why the WBS, GANTT and PERT charts can be critical to project success.
How to leverage the strategy of two-week execution blocks for successful project management.
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