Leading into the Future

Bridging the Gap Between Vision, Alignment and Execution



The most successful leaders within an organization are those who are skilled at inspiring others to turn strategy into results through relentless execution. When strategy and execution are combined, great things can happen.

Using the Work of Leaders assessment tool from Wiley Publishing, participants will learn how to successfully strengthen their role as a leader by customizing 18 best practices around crafting a strategy, building alignment, and championing execution.  Additionally, participants will learn how to do it in a way that measurably boosts performance, morale, and retention without incurring resentment or damaging relationships from the employees you lead.


Participants Will Learn:

How to solve problems through strategy, alignment, and execution.
The secret behind motivating "difficult" team members to successfully take ownership and complete strategy-related projects and assignments - on time, on target and with minimal follow-up.
How to leverage the strategy of two-week execution blocks.
When it is absolutely critical to ask the question, "Do we have the right people in the right places to execute well?"
How to develop a stronger accountability culture that is characterized by employee responsibility, professionalism, initiative, morale and motivation.
What is proactive accountability, and why is it critical to execution?

How to leverage the robust dialogue strategy during the development and execution of the team's strategy.

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