Situational Communication

How to Connect With People More Often


Research indicates that people can listen 3 to 4 times faster than someone can speak. And when you overlay this with the simple fact that your employees have different communication styles, the challenge of expectation clarity during the communication process becomes quite clear. 

In this course, participants will identify their preferred communication style and figure out how to leverage their style for greater results while minimizing potential problems with their team members.  They will customize key strategies to strengthen their communication skills in a way that gives them greater control, credibility, and confidence throughout the communication process.


Participants Will Learn:·

How to leverage the communication matching strategy to significantly strengthen their effectiveness.
6 ways to use voice and body language to create a more powerful impact.
How to tell the difference between imagined problems and reality in the communication process.
The biggest communications mistake most people make - and how to avoid it.
2 critical components involved in active listening.
The role that perception plays in interpersonal communications.
How to effectively use questions in the communication process.
When a lot of detail can hurt the communication process – and when it can help.
An easy-to-use technique to remember a person’s name.
How to really mean what you say and say what you mean, in an assertive way that minimizes misunderstandings.
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