Strategic Coaching

Growing Employee Performance



Imagine if every member of every team within the organization were near a perfect "10" in terms of skill and motivation! What impact would that have on team performance and morale, not to mention the quality of a manager's workday?

In this practical course, participants will develop a strategy to target key team members for coaching. This strategy will help participants employ a set of customized best practices to ensure that targeted team members significantly improve performance and move closer to "10". 


Participants Will Learn:·

The components of an employee developmental plan, and the keys necessary for coaching the employee to successfully implement it.
How to coach stronger employee performance by customizing the strategy of two-week execution blocks.
The do's and don'ts of initially communicating coaching intentions to selected employees.
The LB/NT process for providing strong and effective coaching feedback.
How to implement a follow-up process that is driven by the coached employee.
How to leverage the principles of expectation theory to bring about a change in the employee's future performance.
How to customize the communication matching strategy to provide strong motivation and support throughout the process.
Why probing questions are an important coaching tool.
How to successfully implement the proactive accountability strategy to ensure continuous employee success.

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