Building a More Cohesive Team

The Secrets of Award-Winning Teams


How important is teamwork to the success of your organization? If teams could minimize obstacles that get in the way of accomplishing their objectives, how much more effective would they be? How much easier would it be for all involved? In this course, participants will assess the performance of their team and develop a customized road map for minimizing problems and maximizing strengths - thus increasing the team's performance, morale and level of service.


Participants Will Learn:·

How to customize the communication matching strategy to minimize problems and strengthen team communication.
Real-time team-building by identifying three problems that are getting in the way of stronger team performance, and then building a strategy to minimize the impact that each problem has on team productivity.
How to leverage the robust dialogue strategy to build a performance-focused team.
Practical strategies for dealing with team conflict, anger and emotion.
How to develop critical day-today team problem-solving strategies that can significantly improve communication and minimize problem resolution time.
How to judge the team against five team dysfunctions, and then develop specific strategies to remedy problem areas.
3 ingredients for becoming a solution-focused team.
How to use the continuous-loop process to identify and solve problems sooner, and at less expense.
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