Managing Multiple Priorities

The Discipline of Getting Things Done


Imagine the impact on performance if an employee's ability to juggle everything on his or her plate improved significantly! What would that mean to the organization's productivity and the employee's sense of professional satisfaction?

In this practical course, participants will customize best practices that will empower them to have more sanity, success, and satisfaction.  They will learn to blend time and task management into a single management approach that complements any challenging schedule. This program will help participants take control of their day and gain greater confidence juggling projects, priorities and deadlines.


Participants Will Learn:

How to significantly minimize the sense of confusion when there's "too much to do."
How to quickly decide what to focus on when given competing priorities.
How to develop a daily priority plan that factors in the unexpected.
How to develop a fail-proof follow-up system, so nothing "falls through the cracks."
How to minimize procrastination and indecisiveness in order to become more productive.
Specific ways to handle constant interruptions . . . effectively.
How to identify and minimize time-stealers during the day.
How to say “no” . . . more confidently.
How to avoid the trap of attempting too much during the day.
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